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The time has come to take the plunge!

If you’ve accumulated more than 40 dives and are looking to turn your passion for diving into a profession, it’s time to move on to the next phase: obtaining the SSI Divemaster certification. And yes, we can help you with that. At DPM Diving, we excel in training top-notch divers with a special emphasis on safety and respect for marine biodiversity. We do it on the unique, one-of-a-kind international diving island: Koh Tao, in Thailand. Let us tell you all about it!


Divemaster Course Koh Tao: Everything you need to know

Koh Tao is globally renowned as the diving island for several reasons: its magnificent coral reefs, strategic location in the Gulf of Thailand, history as a pilgrimage site for international enthusiasts, and the abundance of diving schools. This is also where DPM Diving began over 10 years ago. Our journey has provided us with experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence. With us, you can complete the Divemaster course, just like the thousands of divers who have become professionals through our center. Do you want to be the next to take the Divemaster course in Koh Tao?

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What is the Divemaster course?

Anyone who wants to take their passion for diving to the next level must complete the Divemaster course. Not only is it necessary to become a diving instructor, but it also allows you to acquire skills and knowledge to enhance the experiential value of each dive. Through this course, you’ll be better equipped to handle any underwater situation. You’ll learn to assess and manage risks, recognize signs of stress in other divers, and be prepared for any emergency.

The training includes first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) practices, ensuring you’re well-prepared to respond quickly and effectively to different emergencies. Don’t forget that by deepening your skills as an experienced diver through underwater practices, you can enjoy the activity more broadly, becoming more competent and feeling more secure to guide and lead other groups of divers.

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Course duration and schedule

It depends. The final duration largely depends on the diver’s availability and the frequency at which they want to carry out the dives. The course typically spans from 4 to 8 weeks, but the most important thing is that the student feels comfortable and enjoys the entire training process.

Regarding the ideal time to complete the course, the answer is the same. Thanks to the excellent climatic conditions of Koh Tao, the course can be completed throughout the year. This is another advantage of taking the Divemaster course with DPM Diving in Koh Tao.

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Requirements for the Divemaster course

The Divemaster course is an intermediate certification that requires a minimum of 40 logged dives, as well as the completion of the Diver Stress and Rescue course.

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Divemaster Koh Tao Course Price

The price of the course is 39,000 THB. Remember that our prices include all materials and exam fees. This exam is official and conducted by an independent organization like SSI.


SSI Divemaster Koh Tao: Get Your Certification!


At DPM Diving, we’ve been training divers of all levels for over 10 years, specializing in the Divemaster course. We’re passionate about having the opportunity to train new diving professionals, largely because we want to create new ambassadors of the oceans who respect the marine environment and share that passion with other divers.

The certification is issued by the international diving association SSI, and during the course, students gain a deep understanding of diving theory, practical skills, group management, and dive supervision. The SSI certificate is obtained after completing a multiple-choice exam. The necessary knowledge to pass it can be acquired through the Divemaster course we offer in Koh Tao.

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Book the Divemaster Course in Koh Tao

The Divemaster course is an experience that goes beyond certification; it’s a journey toward exploring, teaching, and conserving the underwater world. If you dream of a career in diving, this is the first step in your exciting journey into the depths of the ocean, where you’ll join a community of professionals passionate about marine preservation and education. Book your Divemaster course in Koh Tao now and start guiding other certified divers and finding work in diving schools worldwide.

 Steps to Become a Certified Diver 

Choosing Koh Tao for your diving course can offer several compelling reasons:

Diverse Marine Life:

Koh Tao, situated in the Gulf of Thailand, is known for its rich and diverse marine life. The waters around the island are home to vibrant coral reefs, colorful fish, and various underwater species, providing an excellent environment for diving.

World-Renowned Dive Destination:

Koh Tao has gained a reputation as one of the world’s premier dive destinations. Its popularity is due to the abundance of dive schools as DPM Diving, experienced instructors, and the opportunity to explore numerous dive sites suitable for different skill levels.

Beautiful Scenery:

Apart from the underwater wonders, Koh Tao boasts stunning landscapes above the water. White sandy beaches, lush greenery, and breathtaking viewpoints provide a picturesque backdrop for your diving adventure.

Ideal Learning Conditions:

The island typically offers favorable diving conditions, including clear waters and good visibility, making it an ideal location for both beginners and experienced divers. Consistent weather and water conditions throughout the year contribute to a positive learning experience.

Community of Divers:

Koh Tao has a vibrant and welcoming diving community. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, you’ll likely find a supportive community that shares a passion for underwater exploration.

Flexible Scheduling:

Due to its favorable climate, Koh Tao allows for year-round diving. This flexibility in scheduling provides convenience for those looking to undertake a diving course at various times of the year.

Meet our certified dive instructors on Koh Tao


With over 10 years of experience in training divers and a team of fully motivated instructors committed to giving their best, that’s our unbeatable formula for providing a guaranteed Divemaster course in Koh Tao. We present the profiles of the professionals with whom you’ll learn everything about safety, skills, and the marine world, all while enjoying the entire process.



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Frequently asked questions about Dive Master in Koh Tao

How long does the Divemaster course take?

It can take from 4 to 8 weeks, according to your own needs.

What certification level or experience is required?

To start with the Divemaster course you need to be certified as Stress & Rescue Diver and have at least 40 dives.

How many dives do I need to start with my Divemaster training?

To start with the Divemaster course you need a minimum of 40 logged dives. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry! We can make a personalized plan for you to complete the dives required.

Do I need to have my own full equipment?

We encourage our students to have their own full equipment, and we help you get great deals on all the dive gear you need. Anyway, if you can’t afford to buy everything together, you can use part of our equipment during your training.

It’s SSI or PADI?

We work with SSI.

Does the price include certification fees?

All fees and materials are included in the price. There are no hidden fees or extra costs to pay to get your certifications.

Can I work as a Divemaster? What can I do?

As a Divemaster, you can work as a guide for certified divers. You can also assist Dive Instructors during recreational level courses.

In what language will I learn?

Our Instructors in Koh Tao can teach in English and Spanish, and you can have your study material in any language you choose.

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