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Diving Courses by Ocean Lovers. Creating not only explorers but also Ambassadors of the Ocean.

Thailand, Indonesia & Spain

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Learn how to dive with DPM Diving in some of the best diving destinations.

Established in 2014, we have issued more than 10.000 scuba diving certifications among different agencies, like SSI, PADI, and RAID. Based on this experience, we have developed and added our own input to the standard programs to train safer and more responsible divers, raising awareness about our Ocean‘s situation.

Scuba Diving in Thailand: 2021 Guide

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Plastic of all sizes has become the most dominant form of marine litter. It has been estimated that at least 5.25 trillion plastic pieces are floating in the Ocean. Moreover, at least 8 million metric tons of plastic are introduced to the oceans annually. The equivalent of a truckload of plastic every 60 seconds. InContinue reading “Plastic in the Ocean”

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