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Dive certification

Try scuba diving, get certified or join our daily trips. Book your spot and join us to dive in Thailand, Indonesia and Tenerife!

In December 2013, we embarked on an awesome mission: to train divers who totally get how important it is to show some love to the marine environment while having fun and diving safely.

And guess what? We’ve been rocking it for almost a decade, issuing over 14,000 diving certifications working with top agency like SSI. Our diving courses are all about the perfect combo of safety, environmental commitment, and loads of fun!

Get ready to sign up for our incredible diving courses available at five epic diving destinatios in Thailand (Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao), Indonesia (Gili Trawangan and Nusa Penida), and Spain (Tenerife).

Why choose DPM

Experienced divers

The confidence of experience

We have been training divers for almost 10 years, from beginners to professionals, in our 5 diving schools, consolidating ourselves as a solid company of international reference.

Personalized attention to divers

Personalized attention

Our diving courses are developed with small groups in order to create a personalized experience for each of our students.

Certified diving instructors

Certified instructors

All our instructors have the necessary certifications to provide safe dive training with the highest quality and safety standards. Diving with us is safe and fun!
Best diving school

Maximum satisfaction

We do not say so. This is what the students who have completed their diving courses with DPM DIVING say, obtaining the highest ratings on platforms such as Google or Tripadvisor.

Our courses

Diving courses for beginers

Diving courses for beginners

Looking to get started in scuba diving? Get certified to dive anywhere in the world with the Open Water Diver course. This program takes only 3 days and you’ll get an international and lifetime license to dive to 18mt (60 feet). If you don’t have enough time then you can choose the Scuba Diver (2 days program) or the Basic Diver a.k.a. Try Scuba Divign, a 1 day experience for beginners.

Advanced diving courses

If you are a certified diver and are looking to expand your knowledge and take the next step in your adventure, there are many advanced diving courses and specialties to choose from. All of them include the official SSI certification of completion, training materials, classes and practical sessions.

Advanced diving courses
diving courses for professionals

Diving courses for professionals

If diving is your thing and you want to dedicate yourself to it, become a professional with our Divemaster and Instructor courses. These are complete training programs where you will learn everything you need to train and guide new divers.

Fun Dives for Certified Divers

If you are a certified diver looking to explore we can take you to the best sites, always guided by a professional divemaster or instructor with true knowledge of the dive sites to make the most of your diving trip.

diving tours

Diving news and articles

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Frequently asked questions about diving courses

Where to take the diving course?

DPM Diving is a diving school present in 3 countries through five establishments; two in Thailand, on the island of Koh Tao, international diving mecca, and on Koh Phi Phi, one of the most popular islands of the country located in the Andaman Sea; two in Indonesia, specifically on Gili Trawangan and Nusa Penida, both islands close to Bali; and one in Spain, on Tenerife, the main island of the Canary archipelago. All our schools offer diving courses adapted to different levels and with a team of highly qualified professionals. Choose your destination, and let’s dive!

How much does a diving course cost?

Like everything in life, it depends. The level of the chosen diving course, the country where it is held, etc. The higher the degree of specialization and, therefore, the more demanding the course is in terms of content and effort on the part of the student, the higher the price increases. That is why the courses to obtain the Dive Master or Scuba Diver Instructor certification are the ones with the highest price, which can be between 1,000 and 1,500€. In the case of the Open Water course, the most used for those who want to start diving, the price is approximately 350€. In addition, individual or package dives are offered at a more affordable price.

How do the diving courses work?

We can differentiate between three main groups of diving courses; those aimed at beginners and people who wish to learn to dive; advanced courses aimed at divers with previous experience who wish to deepen their diving practice or specialize in some area; and professional courses, aimed at training divers who will be able to teach courses on their own.

All courses have associated theoretical contents, as well as a series of dives to put this knowledge into practice. The courses range from one day, in the case of the most basic ones, such as the diving baptism (only one day), to the instructor courses, which can last up to 15 days.

What is a Try Scuba?

The Discover Scuba Diving is a 1 day beginner dive experience that gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world without committing to a 2 or 3 day certification program, you will have a short class in the morning to learn the basics of the equipment and prepare you for the underwater environment. After the class, you will have a practice session in the pool or on the shore of the beach, to get used to the diving equipment and to breathe underwater, once you feel super comfortable in your first attempt, we will make a dive that can reach a maximum depth of 12 meters.