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Courses for beginners

Open Water Gili Trawangan

Open Water in Gili

3 days

6,400,000 IDR

Personalized training is combined with underwater practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience you need to feel truly comfortable underwater.

Fun dive gili trawangan

Scuba Diver

2 days

4,600,000 IDR

Explore a new world through the scuba diving course. Cultivate underwater skills, mastering equipment and dive strategies, revealing the enchantments concealed beneath the waves.

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try scuba gili trawangan

Try Scuba (2 dives)

1 day

1,750,000 IDR

Plunge into the realm of underwater wonders with our Try Scuba course, offering you not just one, but two incredible dives into the blue unknown. Delve beneath the waves under the careful guidance of our expert instructors, as you experience the magic of weightlessness and encounter the beauty of aquatic life.

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Advanced courses

advanced certificate ssi gili trawangan

Advanced course

2 days

5,400,000 IDR

Already Certified? Dive deeper and improve your diving skills with the Advanced Adventurer course. You’ll be able to dive to 30 mt (100 feet) dept.

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advanced certificate ssi gili trawangan

React Right

1 day

2,400,000 IDR

The SSI React Right course is an essential emergency training program that covers a wide range of crucial skills to effectively respond to various emergency situations, both within and outside the diving environment. This course will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to assess emergency situations, provide first aid, perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), and stabilize affected individuals until professional help arrives.

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nitrox diving koh tao

Nitrox Specialty

2 days

3,200,000 IDR

Plunge into the SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty. Acquire enriched air diving skills with up to 40% oxygen, amplifying dive boundaries, safety, and efficiency for remarkable underwater explorations.

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nitrox diving koh tao


2 days

6,400,000 IDR

Unlock enhanced diving competence with the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue course. Learn stress recognition, accident prevention, and emergency response skills, fostering confidence, safety, and adept underwater rescue abilities.

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deep diving koh tao

Deep Specialty

2 days

4,190,000 IDR

Join our 2 dives trips in the morning or afternoon boat in small groups and guided by our experienced instructors.

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Professional courses

Divemaster gili trawangan

Divemaster Course in Gili

6-8 weeks

19,000,000 IDR

Embark on a 2-month adventure to attain Divemaster status. Experience daily dives, assisting courses, learning from skilled mentors, and forming new connections. Explore our Divemaster packages! Requirements: 40 logged dives, Diver Stress & Rescue certification or equivalent. Commence as a novice and evolve into a Divemaster or Instructor. Obtain Dive Guide and Science of Diving accreditations.

And also…

nitrox diving koh tao

Fun Dives (2 dives)

1 day

1,180,000 IDR

Experience double the excitement with our Fun Dives course featuring two unforgettable dives. Dive into vibrant marine realms, encounter captivating sea life, and create lasting memories as you explore the underwater world with our expert guides.

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deep diving koh tao


2 days

1,540,000 IDR

Elevate your diving skills with the Refresh Dive Course. Reinforce techniques, restore confidence, and ensure safety for a seamless return to underwater adventures after a hiatus.

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National park fee: 100,000 IDR. for one day. A single charge for any activity.

What people say

DPM Diving Gili TrawanganExcellentDPM Diving Gili Trawangan5.0 Based on 861 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onPere Serracanta R.Pere Serracanta R. ★★★★★ Muchas gracias a Chus, Pedro, David y Alba por la instrucción ofrecida para ser Open Water. Ha sido un placer bucear a vuestro lado. Gran aprendizaje!irene G.irene G. ★★★★★ Increíble experiencia. Fue la primera vez que buceé y recomiendo completamente la escuela. Un trato impecable por parte de todos los instructores (Chus, Alba, Pedro y David)RaquelRaquel ★★★★★ Increíble experiencia! Ya fuimos a DPM Nusa Penida y de nuevo todo de 10. Iván nos acompañó esta vez y además de enseñarnos lo mejor de los puntos de buceo, mi pareja pudo hacer la aventura de profundidad. Mucho buen rollo, buceo excelente. Solo podemos recomendar bucear con ellos para disfrutar en Gili al completo.Ael C.Ael C. ★★★★★ Super plongée avec mon instructeur Pedro. Je recommande le centre DPM fortement. Ils sont très professionnel et à l’écoute.Merci encore 🙏tamara santiago T.tamara santiago T. ★★★★★ De manera resumida: ha sido increíble.De manera extendida: empecé con muchísimo miedo hasta tal punto que lloré del pánico que tenía en la propia piscina, pero gracias a Pedro que es un crack y tuvo una paciencia increíble, me calmó muchísimo y consiguió que me metiera e incluso llegué a bajar 12 metros disfrutando muchísimo de la experiencia. Así que MUY recomendable 🫶🏽Cristina Santiago T.Cristina Santiago T. ★★★★★ Cogimos el bautizo de buceo con chus y pedro, y estuvimos encantados, fueron super pacientes con nosotros y estuvieron atentos a todos, la verdad que si teneis ganas de pasaroslo bien y disfrutar de la esperiencia al 100% no los hay mejores!!David P.David P. ★★★★★ Buenas explicaciones, mejor ambiente y unos instructores (Chus y Pedro) que te hacen la experiencia muy disfrutable.Recomendable!!Miguel Ángel G.Miguel Ángel G. ★★★★★ Pedro, Chus, Bily, Nico pedazo de equipo, formación increíble, han ofrecido una profesionalidad y tranquilidad absoluta. Mi primer buceo y deseando hacer otro. No creo que haya un centro buceo mejor en Gili. Lo importante son de los nuestros hablan español.sonsoles ferrer R.sonsoles ferrer R. ★★★★★ Cien por cien recomendable. Te enseñan todo lo que necesitas saber, te ayudan a perder el miedo a bucear y pasas un día genial. Estuvimos con Chus, Pedro, Nico y Billy, geniales tmbjs_loader

About DPM Diving: Diving for all levels

The Gilis have a wide range of dive sites for all kind of divers. Already a Certified Diver? Check out our Fun Diving packs and Gili Islands dive sites. At DPM Diving we have diving programs for everyone, beginners and even pro divers.Drop us a messageand we willfind the most suitable diving experience for you.

    Divi center in Gili Trawangan

    Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan

    Famous for its relaxed atmosphere, turquoise waters, and stunning sunset views, Gili Trawangan is a great place for Scuba Diving, Freediving, or snorkeling. Sea turtles, octopuses, reef sharks, nemos, and cuttlefish are very common encounters around the Island.

    Do you want to know what to do, what to see, or where to stay in Gili Trawangan? Or even if you need advice on how to get to the Gilis, don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, we’ll be happy to assist you.

    We are waiting for you to share this paradise together!

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    Discover Turtle Heaven

    Did you know there’s a dive site called Turtle Heaven in Gili Trawangan? We can take you there even if you never dived before! Contact us to find the right diving experience for you!

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    Posts about Gili Trawangan

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    Frequently asked questions about Gili Trawangan

    Diving in Gili Trawangan: What lies beneath the waves?

    Do you enjoy diving? Do you dream of paradisiacal beaches with turquoise waters and white sand? Are you looking for a lively atmosphere? In case all the answers are YES, there is a perfect destination for you. Gili Trawangan is one of the small Gili Islands, located very close to Lombok and an hour and a half from Bali, offering a magnificent range of entertainment, accommodation, and, of course, a fascinating underwater world to explore.

    The waters surrounding Gili Trawangan are known for their crystal-clear visibility, providing an ideal environment for exploring the vibrant marine life and coral reefs. Moreover, Gili Trawangan boasts a diverse underwater ecosystem. Do you wanna try?

    Do you have to be certified to scuba dive in Gili?

    It is not necessary. At DPM Diving you can get started in scuba diving with our one day experience.

    How to dive underwater sculptures Gili?

    Off the east coast of Gili Meno, very close to Gili Trawangan, it is possible to discover an impressive underwater sculpture designed by Jason deCaires Taylor.
    Soft corals and sponges will first create a home on these statues, which will then provide the foundation for more marine life to flourish here. You can already find plenty of fish and even sea turtles at Nest.

    What is the Manta Dive experience like?

    It is possible to see manta rays on the Gili Islands with some ease, especially from March to June. However, the most popular species in the area are turtles.

    What you’ll see in your diving experience:

    Diving in Gili Trawangan unveils a mesmerizing underwater world. The crystal-clear waters surrounding this island paradise offer a glimpse into a diverse marine ecosystem. From vibrant coral reefs to intriguing marine life, here’s a peek at what lies beneath the waves:

    • Coral Gardens: Explore stunning coral gardens adorned with a kaleidoscope of colors. Gili Trawangan boasts vibrant corals that serve as a home to a myriad of marine species.
    • Marine Biodiversity: Immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of the Gili Trawangan waters. Encounter an array of tropical fish, from schools of colorful reef fish to larger pelagic species.
    • Sea Turtles: Dive alongside majestic sea turtles in their natural habitat. Gili Trawangan is renowned for being a sanctuary for these graceful creatures, providing a unique opportunity for up-close encounters.
    • Sharks at Shark Point: Venture to Shark Point for the chance to witness reef sharks gliding through the underwater landscape. This site is known for frequent sightings of these awe-inspiring creatures.
    • Manta Rays at Manta Point: Explore Manta Point for a magical encounter with manta rays. During the right season, you may witness these graceful giants swimming near the surface.
    • Underwater Landscapes: Descend into the depths and discover the diverse underwater landscapes, including walls, slopes, and intriguing features that make each dive a unique and captivating experience.
    • Shipwrecks: For those seeking a touch of adventure, Gili Trawangan offers the opportunity to explore shipwrecks, providing a fascinating glimpse into the underwater history of the region.

    Scuba diving courses in Gili islands

    Whether you want to start your diving journey or continue exploring it further, Gili Islands are a magnificent choice for several reasons:

    1. Visibility is usually excellent, with clear waters allowing for great marine life observation.
    2. Conditions vary depending on the season, but overall, Gili Trawangan is known for calm waters and optimal diving conditions throughout the year.
    3. Expect to find a wide variety of tropical fish, vibrant corals, sea turtles, reef sharks, and, during certain seasons, manta rays.
    diving turtles gili

    Types of Diving Courses:

    At DPM Diving Gili Trawangan, we offer a variety of courses aimed at obtaining SSI official certifications.

    For beginners:

    • The best option is the Open Water course, serving as an entry point to diving, consisting of three days combining theory with practice. Once completed, it allows you to dive in any diving school worldwide.
    • If you have less time, you may be interested in the Scuba Diver course, where several dives are conducted over two days.
    • As a discovery, we also offer the Dive Baptism, a one-day experience for those wanting to try diving for the first time. It includes 1 training session in our private pool and 1 or 2 dives in the crystal-clear waters of Gili Trawangan.

    For advanced divers:

    • If you already have experience in underwater exploration and want to delve deeper, DPM Diving Gili Trawangan is your school. The Advanced Adventurer course allows diving up to 30 meters (100 feet), while the Nitrox specialty course helps acquire skills for diving with enriched air (up to 40% oxygen), extending the limits of diving, safety, and efficiency for extraordinary underwater explorations.
    • We also offer specialized diving courses in React Right, Rescue, and Deep Diving.
    • If you want to go beyond and turn diving into your profession, embark on the Divemaster course, experiencing daily dives, attending courses, learning from trained mentors, and forming new connections.
    turtles in divi dinving

    How much does diving cost in the Gili Islands?

    The prices for our diving courses depend on the level of specialization and duration. A Dive Baptism with two dives costs 1,700,000 IDR, while the Open Water course costs 6,200,000 IDR, lasting 3 days with a combination of theoretical sessions and dives.

    Professional courses, usually lasting 6 to 8 weeks, can go up to 19,000,000 IDR for the Divemaster course.

    In all our courses at DPM Diving, we offer excellent value for money, including experienced professional equipment, our own boat, and top-quality gear from leading brands.

    Requirements for Diving with DPM Diving:

    The main requirement is a willingness to learn and experience an unforgettable underwater adventure. Additionally, consider the following:

    • Enjoy good health.
    • Have travel insurance covering any medical eventualities.
    • Maintain a respectful attitude underwater, preserving the integrity of marine species.
    • For initiation courses like Open Water, the minimum age is 10 years. For professionals, a minimum of 40 prior dives is required.

    Diving Spots

    • Shark Point: Known for frequent sightings of reef sharks and a variety of marine life.
    • Manta Point: Popular for observing manta rays, especially during the appropriate season.
    • Turtle Heaven: Famous for being home to numerous sea turtles.
    • Halik Reef: Offers colorful coral reefs and a wide variety of tropical fish, suitable for divers of all levels.
    • Slope of Bounty: An interesting site with a gradual slope allowing divers to explore marine life at different depths.
    • Meno Wall: Located near Gili Meno, this underwater wall provides opportunities to see large pelagics and vibrant corals.
    turtles in divi dinving

    Our Diving School in Gili Trawangan:

    Situated in the port area of Gili Trawangan, the liveliest island with the most accommodation and leisure options in the archipelago, our diving school offers an open atmosphere with experienced professionals providing courses that combine education with fun. As a testament to our customers’ satisfaction, we have received thousands of positive reviews on Google, accumulating over 600 reviews with a rating of 4.9 out of 5.







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