Scuba Diving Koh Tao

Discover the stunning marine life of the turtle island.

Learn Scuba Diving in Koh Tao

Courses for beginners

Open Water in Koh Tao

Open water diver

3 days

11,000 THB

The Open Water Course is the Most Popular Diving Course around the World. Every year thousands of people learn Scuba Diving in Koh Tao.

Scuba diver in Koh Tao

Scuba diver

1 day

8,600 THB

The scuba diver course offers essential skills for safe underwater exploration. Learn equipment use, diving techniques, and safety protocols in this exciting and educational adventure.

Try Scuba in Koh Tao

Try Scuba (2 dives)

1 day

3,600 THB

Our Try Scuba Diving a.k.a. Basic Diver, is a 1 day experience for those who want to try Scuba Diving for the first time. Includes 2 dives at a max depth of 12 meters.

Advanced courses

Advanced diving course in Koh Tao

Advanced course

2 days

10,000 THB

The Advanced Adventurer program offers a taste of five distinct open water dives from various SSI Specialty courses, eliminating the need for full Specialty completion.

nitrox diving koh tao

Nitrox Specialty

2 days

7,900 THB

Unveil the Nitrox Specialty Diving course for enriched air exploration. Master safer dive planning, extend bottom times, and delve into underwater wonders with enriched oxygen blends.

Deep diving in Koh Tao

Deep Specialty

2 days

7,900 THB

Unlock thrilling depths with the SSI Deep Diving Specialty. Safely explore beyond 18 meters, gaining skills to dive to 40 meters, expanding recreational horizons for unforgettable underwater experiences.

Advanced diving course in Koh Tao

React Right

1 day

4,000 THB

SSI’s React Right is an emergency training program encompassing primary assessment, first aid, CPR, stabilization techniques, plus optional oxygen administration and defibrillation basics. Gain vital skills to handle diverse emergencies within a day.

nitrox diving koh tao


2 days

10,000 THB

Diver stress endangers safety and rescue. SSI’s Diver Stress & Rescue course equips you to recognize stress, prevent accidents, and handle emergencies, boosting underwater confidence and safety.

Professional courses

Divemaster course in Koh Tao

Divemaster in Koh Tao

6-8 weeks

39,000 THB

Immerse in a 2-month journey to become a Divemaster—learn, dive, and have fun! Dive daily, assist courses, learn from experienced instructors, and enjoy making new friends. Check out our Divemaster packages! Prerequisites: 40 logged dives, Diver Stress & Rescue certification or equivalent. Start from scratch and progress to Divemaster or Instructor. Gain Dive Guide and Science of Diving certifications.

Diving instructor course in Koh Tao

Diving Instructor

2 weeks

79,000 THB

Embark on a journey to become a Scuba Diving Instructor. Complete the Instructor Training Course and Evaluation to kickstart your career confidently, with a 100% approval rate from DPM Diving candidates.

SSI crossover in Koh Tao

SSI Crossover

5 days

28,000 THB

The SSI Dive Professional Crossover program introduces dive professionals from recognized agencies to SSI principles and procedures. Acquire skills to safely conduct equivalent SSI programs confidently.

And also…

Advanced diving course in Koh Tao

Fun Dives (2 dives)

1 day

2,100 THB

Embark on exhilarating fun dives, exploring vibrant underwater landscapes. Encounter marine life, reefs, and wrecks, immersing in the beauty of the ocean for unforgettable adventures.

Deep diving in Koh Tao


1 day

2,600 THB

Revitalize your diving skills with the Refresh Dive Course. Review essential techniques, boost confidence, and ensure safe underwater experiences after a break from diving.

What people say

DPM Diving Koh TaoExcellentDPM Diving Koh Tao4.9 Based on 3044 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onKate M.Kate M. ★★★★★ Just completed my open water cert in DPM. Honey was my instructor & she was amazing! Made the whole experience fun & I felt safe the entire time. Thank you Honey ⭐️Unai G.Unai G. ★★★★★ Es un club muy amigable, la gente es increíble y son muy majos. Nuestro instructor fue Ignacio!! Da mucha seguridad y mucha tranquilidad con el.Totalmente recomendable:) enjoyyMikel C.Mikel C. ★★★★★ Ha sido un placer vivir esta experiencia con la ayuda de Nacho que aporta la seguridad y todos los conocimientos necesarios para bucear por primera vez.Ni 0.Ni 0. ★★★★★ Habe den Open water Kurs gemacht und bin mega zufrieden! Viel Spaß gehabt und alles nötige gelernt. Jess und Jessy waren super Lehrer !!!:)Timo v rTimo v r ★★★★★ Habe bei DPM Diving meinen OW Kurs gemacht und es war echt ein Highlight meiner Reise. Mein Tauchlehrer Vincent hat mich echt gut auf das Tauchen vorbereitet und ich habe mich immer wohl gefühlt. Das Hostel bei der Tauchschule ist einfach gehalten.Sofia A.Sofia A. ★★★★★ Thank you DPM for giving me an excellent experience in my Open Diving. I had the best instructor Meri, who made my experience even better. Thank you very much Meri, for your joy and professionalism, I admire you very much. I am happy with the hostel and the good atmosphere there. I recommend it 100%Marco J.Marco J. ★★★★★ Es war ein wunderbares Erlebnis für mich als absoluten Anfänger. Unser Tauchlehrer Joaco hat uns sehr gut über die Theorie und die Praxis aufgeklärt. Er hat uns durch seine kompetente und ruhigen Art sämtliche Nervosität genommen, sodass dieses Erlebnis von der ersten Sekunde an hervorragend war.מורן כ.מורן כ. ★★★★★ Joaco המדריך הכי טוב שאפשר לבקש אם יצא לכם להיות איתו תזכו מלא סבלנות ניסיון עזר לי מאוד בכל מה שהייתי צריכה תודה על חוויה מיוחדת❤️Carson H.Carson H. ★★★★★ Dpm was awesome!! Nacho was a great instructor and a ton of fun to learn with. I had the best experience with my group and all of the other divers/instructors made it a great time. They really want to get to know you and make sure you enjoy yourself. Dive with DPM!js_loader

About DPM Diving Koh Tao

Established in 2014, we have issued more than 10,000 diving certifications between different agencies, such as SSI, PADI and RAID. Based on this experience, we have developed and added our own seal to the standard programs to train safer and more responsible divers, raising awareness about the situation of our oceans.

At DPM Diving we focus on creating not only divers, but truly Ocean Lovers!

    What you’ll see diving in Koh Tao

    Koh Tao: the diving island

    Diving in koh tao is the star activity of the island.
    This small island in the Gulf of Thailand is one of the most popular places in the world for diving courses.

    Koh Tao also has beautiful beaches, viewpoints, breathtaking sunsets and much more.
    Check our Koh Tao Guide to make the most of the island.

    In this guide you will find first-hand, useful and updated information about Koh Tao: what to do, where to stay, the best beaches, snorkeling, and much more.

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    DPM Koh Tao Diving Hostel & Bar

    DPM Koh Tao Diving Hostel & Bar is located in Koh Tao, 100 meters from Mae Haad Beach, and offers 3-star accommodation with a terrace. This 3-star inn features a shared lounge and air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and private bathrooms. A shuttle service can be arranged by the staff. Bed linen and towels are provided in the inn’s rooms.

    Near DPM Koh Tao Diving Hotel & Bar there are several places of interest, such as the beaches of Sairee, Jansom Bay and Exchange/ATM Sairee Branch.

    Explore the crystal clear waters of Koh Tao while
    enjoy its impressive marine life

    Posts about Koh Tao

    Koh Tao Island: Ultimate Guide

    In this guide, you'll find first-hand and updated information about Koh Tao Island. We have been living in this little paradise for years and explored every corner of the island, under the water and up to the hills! Koh Nang Yuan Island, Koh Tao THINGS TO DO IN KOH...

    Koh Tao Wreck: HTMS Sattakut

    Koh Tao Wreck: History of the HTMS Sattakut The Koh Tao Wreck HTMS Sattakut has become the most popular wreck in the Gulf of Thailand due to its depth, ideal for recreational divers, as it is perfect for fun divers or for those who want to start their Advanced...

    Top Koh Tao Beaches

    Koh Tao has about 20 beaches, and each of them has its charm. In this post, we show you the 10 most outstanding ones.  Which is the best beach in Koh Tao? Well, that will depend on the personal preference of each one, what we can tell you is that you can't miss...

    Frequently asked questions about Koh Tao

    How is diving in Koh Tao?

    Koh Tao is a perfect island to get you started in scuba diving, as well as to get you certified for more advanced courses. The diversity of dive sites allows you to adapt the dive to the diver’s level of specialisation. In addition, its seabed offers a rich biodiversity and fairly good visibility conditions.

    Where to dive in Koh Tao?

    In Koh Tao you can dive all year round, and it offers different options depending on the diver’s level of specialisation, from beginners to professionals. And, therefore, there are plenty of dive sites around the island – some of the best known are Green Rock, South West Pinnacle, Sail Rock or Shark Island. Either way, ask our Koh Tao team to suggest the best option for you.

    How to choose dive school Koh Tao?

    Koh Tao is the most popular island in the world for diving or getting certified. Therefore, there are many diving schools spread all over the island. DPM Diving has been on Koh Tao for more than 10 years now, and we have trained thousands of people, achieving a high degree of satisfaction thanks to a first class team of professionals.

    Where to scuba dive in Thailand?

    Thailand is a true paradise for diving lovers. Hundreds of islands and kilometres of coastline from which to access spectacular sea beds with a rich biodiversity of species. But among all the places in this Asian country, the two most emblematic are Koh Tao, also called the ‘Island of Diving’, for its ideal conditions for the practice, and Koh Phi Phi, a magical place with incredible dives.

    Discover the wonders of diving in Koh Tao

    Diving in Koh Tao offers an extraordinary underwater experience that attracts divers from all skill levels. With its warm tropical waters, abundant marine life, and vibrant coral reefs, Koh Tao is renowned as a premier diving destination in Thailand.

    The island’s calm and clear waters provide excellent visibility, making it an ideal place to learn and enhance diving skills. Whether you’re completing your certification or seeking advanced adventures like night dives or deep dives, Koh Tao’s underwater realm promises unforgettable encounters with marine creatures like turtles, tropical fish, and even whale sharks.

    With its laid-back atmosphere, stunning marine biodiversity, and ample diving facilities, Koh Tao is a must-visit for anyone eager to experience the beauty of the underwater world.

    Best Koh Tao diving courses

    From 0 to 100. You choose. At DPM Koh Tao, we offer diving courses tailored to all levels and needs of our students. You can start your journey into the underwater world with our Open Water or Discover Scuba Diving course, or become a pro with certifications like Divemaster and Instructor. Moreover, we provide various specialty courses for deep diving, rescue, or nitrox. Contact us, and we’ll guide you to the best option.

    DPM Koh Tao Diving Center

    Here it all began. Almost 10 years ago, we started our adventure on the diving island, or in other words, Koh Tao! After issuing over 10,000 certifications and training thousands of divers of all levels, we can proudly claim to have the experience and level of excellence needed to be considered one of the best diving schools in Thailand. Our best endorsement: the feedback from our customers! If you want to experience the incredible underwater world on one of the most dynamic islands in Asia, join one of our diving courses and become an ocean ambassador.


    Best Koh Tao dive sites

    Koh Tao boasts a selection of remarkable dive sites, catering to divers of all levels. Here are some of the best Koh Tao dive sites you shouldn’t miss:

    • Chumphon Pinnacle: Known for its impressive underwater rock formations and diverse marine life, including whale sharks. Suitable for experienced divers due to varying currents.
    • Sail Rock: Renowned for its vertical swim-throughs and abundant fish life, including schools of barracuda and trevally. Keep an eye out for resident giant groupers.
    • Shark Island: Named for its shark-like silhouette, this site offers a mix of hard and soft corals, swim-throughs, and the chance to encounter reef sharks.
    • Twins: Ideal for beginners and training dives, Twins consists of two adjacent pinnacles with vibrant coral gardens and plenty of marine life.
    • Japanese Gardens: Perfect for both beginners and experienced divers, this site boasts a stunning coral garden and a wide variety of marine species.
    • White Rock: Offering a diverse topography, White Rock features canyons, swim-throughs, and an array of coral formations, making it suitable for all levels.
    • Green Rock: A challenging dive with impressive rock formations and numerous swim-throughs. Experienced divers can spot rare species like the harlequin shrimp.
    • Hin Wong Pinnacle: Known for its excellent visibility, this pinnacle dive is home to diverse marine life, including rays, trevally, and moray eels.




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