Exploring the Wonders of Marine Fauna!

There are many types of explorers. But they all have one thing in common: an irrepressible curiosity to discover new things. Today, we'll talk about underwater exploration and everything this fascinating world has to offer, with a fauna that is richer, more complex, and more unknown than what we...

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How much plastic in the Ocean

Plastic of all sizes has become the most dominant form of marine litter. It has been estimated that at least 5.25 trillion plastic pieces are floating in the Ocean. Moreover, at least 8 million metric tons of plastic are introduced to the oceans annually. The equivalent of a truckload of plastic...

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Sharks: 7 basic facts

The Shark Week is just over and we want to honor them by sharing some characteristics and facts that make sharks unique.  They are such special creatures that by the end of this article we promise that you will have many reasons to agree that sharks should be celebrated each and every single...

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Interesting facts about sea turtles

Sighting sea turtles on a dive is a unique and unforgettable experience. But knowing some of its characteristics and behavioral peculiarities can make the encounter even more fascinating. Origin of Sea Turtles Sea turtles are living representatives of a group of reptiles that have existed on...

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