Coral Reefs: Biodiversity, Threats, and Conservation

The underwater world is as fascinating as it is vast. You can spend years diving and with each dive, you discover something new, surprising, and unique. It’s a living universe where you'll not only find rich marine fauna but also unique organisms like coral reefs. These structures are not only of...

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All about scuba diving baptism! How and where to do it

Eager to try new experiences? Diving is one of the most thrilling recreational activities out there. And it's much easier to master than it may initially seem. A great way to discover it is through scuba diving baptism, a first contact point with the underwater world that will challenge you...

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Curiosities about sea turtles!

Whether you're a passionate enthusiast of the underwater world like us or simply have an interest in marine biodiversity and nature in general, this article is for you! We've compiled some of the most fascinating facts about sea turtles. Exploring the World of Sea Turtles There's nothing quite...

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Explore the Island! A Unique Guide to Activities in Tenerife

An island of endless summer, lush nature, delicious cuisine, lively local life, and excellent diving (we know plenty about that at DPM Diving). Yes, it's in Europe, and it's called Tenerife. The largest island in the Canary archipelago with the best air connections to the rest of the continent, it...

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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Tenerife You Can’t Miss

Tenerife is not your typical sun and beach destination. This island has much more to offer visitors, from its cultural heritage to all kinds of adventure sports in the interior, where Mount Teide and the surrounding abundant nature take center stage. However, that doesn't mean its beaches are any...

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What to Do in Tenerife: Activities, Gastronomy, and Tips

Thinking about a destination for your next vacation? Spain is a diverse country, with an infinite offer of places to fully enjoy, adapted to the needs and preferences of every type of traveler. But today, we recommend one that we're sure will captivate you. Let's fly to the Canary Islands,...

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