Narcosis in Diving: Effects, Warning Signs, and How to Act

Diving is one of the most thrilling activities you can experience in your life. It provides an adrenaline rush and allows you to discover the underwater world and its multitude of fascinating treasures and species. However, it is important to always dive safely, following the instructions of...

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All about scuba diving baptism! How and where to do it

Eager to try new experiences? Diving is one of the most thrilling recreational activities out there. And it's much easier to master than it may initially seem. A great way to discover it is through scuba diving baptism, a first contact point with the underwater world that will challenge you...

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What is decompression diving and how is it done?

It's one of the fundamental concepts in diving. So crucial that it can determine the very experience of diving and its safety. That's why at DPM Diving's blog, we dedicate a specific article to delve into its understanding. Keep reading and learn all about decompression. What is Decompression...

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Into the depths: Exploring cave diving!

The underwater world is filled with challenges, and consequently, so is the practice of diving. Changing environments cause the way dives are conducted, their duration, and the skills needed to undergo them to drastically shift. This is particularly true for cave diving, an exciting discipline...

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Curiosities about sea turtles!

Whether you're a passionate enthusiast of the underwater world like us or simply have an interest in marine biodiversity and nature in general, this article is for you! We've compiled some of the most fascinating facts about sea turtles. Exploring the World of Sea Turtles There's nothing quite...

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Exploring the Wonders of Marine Fauna!

There are many types of explorers. But they all have one thing in common: an irrepressible curiosity to discover new things. Today, we'll talk about underwater exploration and everything this fascinating world has to offer, with a fauna that is richer, more complex, and more unknown than what we...

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Discover the best beaches with crystal clear waters

It's in the collective imagination; a beach with crystal clear waters, white and fine sand, framed by a landscape of palm trees, a hammock, and much to discover beneath the surface. In short, paradise, that place to escape to when everything else gets complicated. A destination to disconnect and...

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The Different Types of Diving: Exploring the Depths!

Introduction to the Diving World What are we going to tell you! Diving is our lifestyle. Our passion. Our hobby. An activity that excites us, that pushes us to improve ourselves every day, that reveals authentic treasures to us. We like it so much that we enjoy teaching other people to value the...

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Unlocking underwater secrets: Mastering dive hand signals

Diving is a practice open to all kinds of people who wish to discover the fascinating underwater world. It's something that needs to be experienced firsthand to truly understand the feeling. In order to enjoy the magnificence of the sea and its inhabiting species, it's necessary to have a basic...

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The 7 best places to swim and scuba dive with sharks

The shark is a fascinating animal. Although Steven Spielberg's mythical movie placed them at the top of the scale of the world's most terrifying species, the reality is very different. There are more than 500 different shark species, and the majority of them are harmless. Shark attacks are not...

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