Coral Reefs: Biodiversity, Threats, and Conservation

The underwater world is as fascinating as it is vast. You can spend years diving and with each dive, you discover something new, surprising, and unique. It’s a living universe where you'll not only find rich marine fauna but also unique organisms like coral reefs. These structures are not only of...

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Exploring the Wonders of Marine Fauna!

There are many types of explorers. But they all have one thing in common: an irrepressible curiosity to discover new things. Today, we'll talk about underwater exploration and everything this fascinating world has to offer, with a fauna that is richer, more complex, and more unknown than what we...

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Plastic free travel: 6 easy tips

Plastic free travel starts in your backpack Plastic-free travel is a reality within your reach, within everyone's reach! And it starts in our backpacks. All it takes is a little bit of willpower, leaving excuses aside. Come on, if you haven't joined this wave of change yet, it's about time. Let's...

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