Into the depths: Exploring cave diving!

The underwater world is filled with challenges, and consequently, so is the practice of diving. Changing environments cause the way dives are conducted, their duration, and the skills needed to undergo them to drastically shift. This is particularly true for cave diving, an exciting discipline...

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The Different Types of Diving: Exploring the Depths!

Introduction to the Diving World What are we going to tell you! Diving is our lifestyle. Our passion. Our hobby. An activity that excites us, that pushes us to improve ourselves every day, that reveals authentic treasures to us. We like it so much that we enjoy teaching other people to value the...

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Travel Guide: Discover the Beauty of Gili Trawangan!

In the relentless pursuit of new paradisiacal destinations, travelers from around the world began to flock to the Gili Islands, located near Bali and Lombok, several years ago. These islands offered everything one could ask for in a dream vacation spot: a great atmosphere, beautiful beaches,...

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